The Animals Observatory is the result of a love at first sight scenario between two people, Laia Aguilar and Jan Andreu. Having been a long-time admirer of Laia Aguilar’s work during her time as creative director for Bobo Choses, Jan Andreu proposed they join forces to found a new fashion brand for children.

Jan Andreu has proved his incredible talent for business time and time again over the course of his career but The Animals Observatory project represents the realization of one of his dreams as an entrepreneur, and particularly as a parent. Laia Aguilar was the perfect choice of partner to make that dream a reality: her work in children’s fashion over recent years has set trends that have reverberated across the world and been the inspiration for many of today’s more exciting childrenswear brands.

L.A. sees children’s fashion as an artistic tool through which she can express her own extraordinary world. Tireless in her efforts, each garment she designs is infused with her flair and authenticity. She never sees a design as finished until it evokes her own secret, playful inner music, a music that springs from a blend of simple and imaginative patterns, her unique eye for colour, a choice of comfortable yet wonderful materials and fabrics and the illustrations and drawings that are perhaps her most characteristic trait, the result of a spontaneity forged over years of work and which fill thousands of sketch books...

L.A. knows that it is the children, the toughest of judges, that she must win over with her genuine truth and boundless imagination. Although the clothing is the central focus of her creative innovation, Aguilar has a global vision of her projects, which is why she makes a point of being involved in every detail, from brand image and ad campaign photography to the selection of those who accompany her on her journey: artists, designers and professionals representing a wide variety of disciplines, whose work adds to and complements the world of The Animals Observatory. Noteworthy among these collaborators is Vanesa Lorenzo, whose background as a fashion designer and model augments and completes Laia’s vision and work. Moreover, as a sign of her commitment to and confidence in the brand, Lorenzo has joined Jan and Laia as a company partner. The entire Animals Observatory team are committed to the brand being an ethical leader in the world of fashion, which is why great care and attention goes into the selection of social and humanitarian collaborative projects.

Laia Aguilar is currently based in the middle of the Empordà countryside, close to the French border, where she lives, along with her husband and children, and creates in a house full of books, pictures, toys, magazines and her enormous dog, Enzo. This move was an essential inspirational element in tackling her latest career challenge and breathing life into her new venture, having headed up and developed Bobo Choses since its inception. The Animals Observatory is a timeless brand from a unique artist. Children and adults alike will be drawn to its sense of playfulness, comfort and aesthetic pleasure, all based on the philosophy of an old motto that Laia often repeats to her children: ‘Be a good animal, true to your instincts’.